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Six Galactic Spins Left In This Creation Cycle!
By Eden Sky of www.13moon.com Please circulate!

Written on Lunar 24: Monday Sept 15, 2008 FULL MOON
White Lunar Dog, Guided by Spirit

Greetings Beloved Friends and Warriors of Love

I am writing this message to alert all of you that as of
Sat Sept 13, 2008,
Dreamspell date: Yellow Cosmic Star;
4 Ahau on the Traditional Maya count,
we have reached a threshold point -
a sacred landmark on our journey as a collective evolving consciousness:

As of this date, by the cosmic reckoning of the Ancient Maya, we now have exactly six “Galactic Spin” cycles left until the completion of the entire 5,125 year cycle of this current World Age, this Creation Cycle which spans August 13, 3113 BC - December 21, 2012.

The Galactic Spin cycle is 260 days long - it corresponds to the human gestation period, as well as serving as the common denominator of all cosmic cycles of nature. It is the central, multi-dimensional template of natural time that contains and transmits the living intelligence and harmonic ratios that underlie the Universe and its workings of divine unfolding. Every 260 days we progress through the same radial order of creation’s energies, each day imparting a unique focus and essence.

Your Galactic Signature is your place in the Dreamspell, your role within the Galactic Spin cycle. By decoding your friends’ and families birthdates’ you invite them to take their place within this sacred matrix and tune in with people in 90 countries who are consciously travelling on this journey together.

When we think of a Galactic Spin cycle, it is analogous to the time it takes from conception to birth - a complete cycle of creation unfolding, a personal and universal measure.

260 X 6 = 1560 days left in this current World Age Era.

This 5,125 year cycle is known as the Mayan Great Cycle of the 13 Baktuns which maps the unfolding and acceleration of our entire recorded Historical storyline - starting with the beginning of “Civilization” and taking us to this point where we are now, poised in these unspeakably horrifying and miraculous times that we all find ourselves in on this Planet Earth. In this “modern” era of Biospheric crisis and breakthrough Spiritual transformation of the Heart, all lifeforms are being touched; all lifeforms are undergoing this transmutation process; we are One Body enduring immense physical mutations and One Consciousness in the process of awakening, remembering, and aligning with the light of our True Self... For all beings, these times of the Quickening are amplifying and accelerating all the circumstances and energies of our lives.... our One Life revealing new challenges and new solutions every moment...the Great Mystery crying and laughing simultaneously.... Playing and Praying Ceaselessly...

According to Dr. Jose Arguelles /Valum Votan, (co-author of the Dreamspell who has dedicated his life to advocating people change their calendars to the solar-lunar-galactic "13 Moon Calendar,") the plot of this 5,000 year Cycle of History, put simplistically - is one in which the “Triumph of Materialism and Transformation of Matter,” the historical density founded in separation consciousness and the artificial timing frequency, transitions ever more gradually accelerated into the New World Age of “Post-History.” Given many different names and titles, this Post-History era which is forecast to begin around 2013 is understood to begin the cycle of Return in which we collectively re-awaken to our interconnectedness and find our way back to living in natural time and harmony with the Universe - within and without.

This is not a shift that happens on one day, and this is not the flip of a light switch. This is a process we are in RIGHT NOW, as we are directly experiencing the culmination of 5000 years of historical programming; all of us invited to partake of the ongoing opportunities for quantum shifts that our Universe is continually providing, from the small to the large, the inner to the outer... This victory is not necessarily a given - it is a trial and opportunity we are all being bestowed, and it is for every single one of us to make the effort to look deeply inside ourselves and receive guidance of how to physically navigate these unknown times and learn how to continue to spiritually grow into the authentic majestic Artforms that we possess the potential to be; Awakening to and consciously embodying our Inner Buddha Nature; The Christ Light; The Quetzalcoatl Feathered Serpent; The Illuminated Heart-Child of the Universe infinitely in Service to Divine Love and Wisdom...

There are countless cultures, tribes and religions that have names for these prophetic times we are in - for it is not a speculation - it is a reality that is becoming obvious to more and more people with each passing day, that these moments on this planet are precarious, precious, and unpredictable.

We are now living in an inbetween time - the transition of world cycles - witnessing and experiencing the dying process of old, worn out mental and physical structures and the preliminary stages of the new world and its foundation of conscious interconnection trying to take root and seed itself for further flowering.

Unprecedented Shifting and transformation is taking place faster than you can say the word Change. The tragedies and hardships are hand and hand with the glories and blessings - both simultaneously exponentiating in the world events and the inner workings of our human psyches. Our lives and internal processes of fear and love reflect the macroscosmic Initiation taking place. As the governments of the world expand their defense budgets by the billions, so countless individuals the world over are investing in the riches and protection of embodying and emanating true, daily, humility, sincerity, Lovingkindess and Compassion.

Every time we don‘t take the bait of fear and separation, we become more grounded in the vibrations of abundance, fortifying ourselves with the ever multiplying wealth of Trust in the divine forces that are governing the unfolding of these huge planetary shifts and orchestrating the exquisite brush strokes of our personal human sagas wrought with emotional ups, downs and all arounds...

Every time we choose to align with Trust and Love for the Interconnectedness of this entire Cosmic manifestation of life, we are the Victory in this now moment. This love and trust keeps us strong and receptive as we continue navigating this spiralling adventure, this journey of remembrance emerging as the veils continue to shed and we continue breathing into our true purpose on this planet in this cycle.

I personally have been aware of this Living Prophecy since 1995. I recall my friends and I forecasting the future and saying to ourselves: ”Wow - in 17 years from now we’re going to be living in a whole different world - a whole different frequency of existence - everything is going to change - we’re going to be telepathic - we’re going to think of things and they’ll manifest instantly...” Now, here we are 4.27 years away from the sacred completion of this ancient prophetic time-table. Over these 13 years I have watched and experienced the quickening taking place on all levels of life. To me, it is crystal clear that the mutation of all life on this Planet (within this Galaxy and Beyond) is underway, and the proof of this is freely available everywhere, clear to all those who have eyes and hearts willing to see. For example, we may not be at the “instant” manifestation stage yet, but there is definitely a much shorter gap between an idea and its materialization than ever before!

I have absolute conviction that our telepathy is growing rapidly - and will continue to - and that it is absolutely available for all who are willing to practice and exercise to strengthen the muscles of their telepathic antennas. In my experience, the number one ingredient in this process is to detach from the artificial timing frequency of the 12-month calendar and the 60-minute clock and to challenge ourselves to reclaim our inherent connection to our natural rhythms. We must redefine what TIME is. Is time found in the numbers on a clock? NO. It is found always and only in being attuned to the heart of the present moment. The moment we put our sense of Time/timing outside of ourselves, and outside of the now, that is the moment we have forfeited our telepathic powers. As we each increasingly take our power back from the mechanized clock and its partner in crime, the soul-less schedule-mentality of the business calendar, and entrain ourselves with the intelligence of the present moment and the natural timing frequency that underlies all synchronicities, we will be reunited with our long lost telepathic rights as creatures within this universe!

We all have the abilities to send and receive telepathic messages, and to be synchronized telepathically - in the right place at the right time, regardless of cell phones and internet which may even distract us from our internal technology... In my opinion, strengthening our telepathic senses is some of the most practical evolutionary work we can do during these times of great unknown. In my experience, there has been no more profound tool in activating my telepathic channels than living aligned with the daily cycles of the Dreamspell 13 Moon Calendar!



Another layer I’d like to add to this report is the awareness that on
Sunday Sept 14, Dreamspell date: Red Magnetic Moon, Lunar 23 -
we entered the cycle called the “Green Central Castle of Enchantment.”

Always beginning on Red Magnetic Moon, Kin 209, this is a 52-day cycle that also fractally corresponds to the Post-Historical era of 2013 AD - the cosmic climate and dimension of consciousness that is said to predominate after we survive the tail end of this Historical time and all its testings. The Green Castle is the Return of the Enchanted Heart People. It is the energy of Reunion - Resurrection. In the Yucatec Mayan language, the glyph Red Moon is named “Muluc” which also translates as “The Reunion of Everything; Teardrop; Raindrop.” The Red Moon energies which initiate us into the domain of the Green Central Castle are fertile, cleansing waves of Flow; Universal Purification.

Again, now that we have entered this Green Castle cycle at this time, we now have less than 1560 days left to walk the challenging road called The Closing of The Cycle. These thousand-and-a-half days are called “Kin” - each one a unique energetic pulsation, a new position in our spiralling orbit around our Star - called “Kinich Ahau” by the ancient Maya. Each day a journey, a new opportunity. Each day a gift, a mirror which reveals the vibrations of our mind-heart-body united... Each day a canvas awaiting the splashes of our inspiration to fill it with color and life.

As we each do the hard but rewarding work of our own purification - the cleansings and re-aligning of our soul and flesh, so we are directly participating and contributing to the purification of the body and heart of the World’s Soul. As Bolivian shaman Chamalu said:

“Everything we do to the Earth we do to our bodies;
Everything we do to our bodies we do to the Earth.”

Our own life and our chains of relationships is the path right in front of us. As we free ourselves from our ego-clinging and all the various forms of density and habits of negativity that we subscribe to, so we align with the En-light-ening process that is underway in this Cosmoverse. This is not a mystifying process. It is the basics of truth, love, kindness, generosity, forgiveness, acceptance, gratitude and joy that Purify our internal beings and our shared reality. As we raise our vibration in these ways and continue applying wisdom and conscientiousness in our lifestyle choices, from the fuels that power our machines to the calendar that fuels our mind to the food that fuels our body, we impact all of our relationships, all of our intentions and actions rippling to the Whole.

May we always remember that we are enduring and spiralling through this prophecy together. As one family, we are stumbling yet finding vigilance of Heart for we are the very instruments of this evolutionary transmutation into more harmonious cosmic creatures aligned with our source essence. The Post History 2013 era is not a fixed moment in linear time - it is a dimension of being, available and calling to us now.

The Green Castle offers us a portal to enter and reclaim our Enchanted Heart Self.
The Green Central Castle is where our inner wizard is perched, firm in the light of innocent, primal cosmic wisdom and magic, illuminated by the wings and blood of the Stars.
The Breath of the wind and sea are calling our lungs to feel and receive the divine spirit gift we live within.

Our breath - our hearts - our body vessels, home to our emotions and mental channels, are the places we must all do the collective yet personal cleansing that is required of all who live on Earth at this time. For we are the Earth, we are the galactic family, we are the Universe awakening to itself. As we listen to our heart’s simplicity and charity towards the Self that shines through all manifestations, we are the Awakening, we meet the Dawn.

This journey is a coming home to our celestial heart;
it is a remembering our place of being held as a wise child in a loving universe.
Harmony is always as close as the rhythms and bells of our own hearts and souls.
We are welcome now to the graces.
We are here to usher in the Era of Beholding Beauty, Presence and Light,
for the Benefit of All Beings Everywhere.

May we each find our places,
over and over again
our compass of courage, compassion and clarity
to be the awakened oneness on Earth, in the flesh,
with awareness of the universal sentience of all life everywhere,
finding balance once again,
dancing to the Song of Light the Universe is Singing to our Souls...

May your six Galactic Spin cycles be a lucid dream
of evolution, peace and empowerment
to fulfill your mission here on Earth,
in Service to the Whole, guided by the heart of Now.

A Ho Mitakuye Oysin.

In Lak’ech, I am Another Yourself,
Red Self-Existing Skywalker
Please circulate to activate awareness on Planet Earth!






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