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Basic Overview of this 13-Moon Calendar System


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These Natural Time Updates are in service to our collective spiritual and mental evolution, that we may continue to experience Time as the Living Art of Harmony and Order. Synchronizing with this 13-Moon Dreamspell Calendar System, we are reconnecting with our sacred relationship to Time, and co creating a New Time based in a culture of Peace - Peace with one another and Peace with the Biosphere, the Mother of all Culture.

Distinct from the traditional Mayan calendar, the Dreamspell is a revelatory dispensation presented by Dr. Jose Arguelles and Lloydine Arguelles. Although based on the harmonic mathematics of Mayan calendrics, these codes are universal, offering humanity a calendar which models the intelligence of the Galactic Ordering Dynamic.

As a "calendar of the future," this living language of symbol, number, and color speaks to our consciousness on multiple levels, and may produce feelings of deep remembrance as well as wonderment and discovery. The information below presents the energies of the current 28-day cycle, highlighting the 13-day wavespells and their specific Dreamspell codes. For the unique energy of each day, as well as indepth explanations of the qualities of these symbols, cycles and energies, we recommend the
13-Moon Natural Time Calendar
May your exploration of Natural Time contribute to both personal and planetary transformation!



We are now in the 9th Moon of the 13-Moon Year,
corresponding to Tone 9 of the Annual Wavespell Spiral.

Moon 9 is called "Solar"
(always correlated to March 7 - April 3).
Its totem animal is the Jaguar.
The key words to focus on for "Solar Moon" include its
Power: "Pulse"
Action: "Realize"
Essence: "Intention"
Action Directive: "Am I attaining my purpose?"

This Solar Moon reminds us of the power our intentions have in shaping our lives and our shared world. The teachings of the Buddha remind us that it is our intentions, not merely our actions, that determine our karma, and the results of our efforts. Indeed, our intentions pulsate into the universe, infusing our shared field of consciousness and influencing all aspects of our existence...May we utilize this cycle to align with our highest intentions to honor ourselves and all our relations and to continue realizing how to fulfill our sacred missions on this earth,
day by precious day!




The 13-day Wavespells which flow through
the current moon are:

***The White Wizard Wavespell***

Galactic 25 - Solar 9 ( March 3- March 15)
--Began at end of Moon 8 and continues into Moon 9--

White Wizard's
Code Words:


The White Wizard Wavespell is always the 2nd "refining" wavespell
of the 52-day "Red Eastern Castle of Turning" which unites the 4 wavespells of the Red Dragon, White Wizard, Blue Hand and Yellow Sun.



***The Blue Hand Wavespell***

Solar 10 - Solar 22 (March 16 - March 28)

Blue Hand
's Code Words:


The Blue Hand Wavespell is always the third, "transforming" wavespell
of the 52-day "Red Eastern Castle of Turning."



***The Yellow Sun Wavespell***

Solar 23 - Planetary 7 (March 29 - April 10)
--Begins at the end of Moon 9 and continues into Moon 10--

Yellow Sun's Code Words:

Universal Fire

The Yellow Sun Wavespell is always the fourth, "ripening" wavespell
of the Red Eastern Castle of Turning.


This graphic depicts the current 28-day moon
in terms of the 260-day Galactic Spin cycle.



Solar 13; March 19, 2008
White Self-Existing Dog Day
10:48 pm PST

There are many synchronized prayer events on this day and surrounding equinox time! Please check this website to learn of the opportunities to join in:





Eden Sky, author and publisher of the annual 13-Moon Natural Time Calendar, will be offering a free class at her home in S.E. Portland, Oregon
to help people learn the basics of how to synchronize with
the galactic cycles of the Dreamspell calendar!

Solar 23, Saturday March 29, Yellow Magnetic Sun
Noon - 4pm
*class includes free 13-moon pocket calendar*
to sign-up please email Eden at





"The Global Oneness Project is a web-based video initiative exploring how the simple notion of oneness can be lived in our increasingly complex world. We're traveling the globe interviewing creative and courageous people who base their lives and work on the fundamental understanding that we are all connected and thus bear great responsibility for each other and our shared world. Our living library of films is available for free from our website or on DVD for events and educational use.

We are committed to documenting what is being born during this time of planetwide transformation. While we are confronted with unmistakable signs that our current way of life is no longer sustainable, inspiring and innovative people and programs are blossoming in all areas of our collective society... We hope that by showing the diverse ways oneness is expressed—in the fields of sustainability, conflict resolution, spirituality, art, economics, indigenous culture, and social justice—others will be inspired to create solutions to personal and community challenges from their own lived understanding of oneness."





In these times of Planetary Transformation, we are all being challenged to strengthen ourselves as Awakening Beings, holding the light of Love and infusing it into our daily dance of relations with ourselves, eachother and the Universe. All of us are learning how to walk our talk, and we all need and deserve support on our Path of unfolding evolution.

I'd like to invite anyone who feels called to receive a Spiritual Attunement session from Intiana, a fellow natural time tracker since 1995. Intiana is a White Resonant Mirror who, since 1970, has been experiencing and researching the shift of consciousness taking place on this planet as we surf this wave of prophecy that is known by many names, including "the road to 2012." Intiana's mission has been whole-heartedly devoted to establishing a New Civilization of Heaven on Earth, and she has much to offer fellow beings who are desiring to be more lucid as agents of wisdom, compassion, and galactic culture during these critical times.

Intiana offers these Spiritual Attunement sessions in the form of "Oracle Readings" that are customized to your personal galactic signature, and blend many teachings and tools to address whatever the circumstances are of your lives that are needing support, illumination and guidance. Her services have been tremendously beneficial to help people shed layers of dis-serving beliefs and attitudes that perpetuate suffering and strife, and to connect to their inner resources of Inspiration, Purpose and Divine Knowing. I trust that anyone who is seeking spiritual alignment and attunement will feel very blessed to have worked with Intiana!

For more details please visit Intiana's webpage!


Share the Art you wish to See in the World!

In continued celebration of the international 13-moon community,
SkyTime is once again welcoming your art submissions
to serve as guiding portals for next year’s 13-moon journey!

Please note:
The due-date for submissions has been extended beyond the Winter Solstice. We are still seeking evolutionary art to activate the Electric Storm Year Calendar. Please send your submissions in as soon as possible as the creative process is underway!



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