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~ About Us ~

About SkyTime

We are a small family business dedicated to the upliftment of our personal & collective consciousness. For over 25 years, we have been publishing and distributing Galactic Calendars that inspire and empower people to awaken our multi-dimensional nature as creative, cosmic beings.

Our mission is to help people activate the magic of every day by synchronizing with the 13:20 Frequency of Universal Harmony. It brings us great joy to send our calendars around the globe, knowing that together we are establishing Galactic Culture on behalf of Earth's positive evolution.

We are SkyTime ~ Eden Sky, Robert Sky, and Merlin Sky
As a family, we create The Galactic Calendar every year...


Eden Sky ~ Red Self-Existing Skywalker

Eden Sky has dedicated her life to sharing the life-changing wisdom of Galactic Time. Since 1995, she has created annual Galactic Calendars, based on the teachings of Dr. José Argüelles. She is an author, publisher, teacher and Galactic Culture Visionary. As a life-long messenger, Eden has given numerous presentations, workshops and interviews sharing the purpose and power of living in harmony with natural time, and is recognized world-wide as a leading source of knowledge on this subject. She has attended countless international summits focused on Galactic Time, including a 7-week long residential Earth Wizard Seminary, studying directly under Argüelles with kin from around the world.

Eden has also had the supreme honor of participating in many indigenous ceremonies and receiving teachings directly from Maya Elders in both Mexico and Guatemala, as well as ongoing studies of many native traditions from North and South America. Eden's mission is bridging universal teachings of wisdom and compassion with the intelligence of cosmic cycles, that we may actualize our potential in this epic moment on the planet.

I believe in this cosmic calendar system whole-heartedly, because I know the gifts I have received from living in this galactivated way! It is a true honor to have devoted my life to sharing this magic with the world, year after year, through our Calendars. This system is actually in use in over 90 countries around the world, and it is such a joy to realize every day people around the globe are tracking this same cosmic rhythm, all of us unified in a telepathic field of living galactic culture!

Beyond my passion for Galactic time, I am also a poet, dancer, spiritual activist, mother, and practitioner of an eclectic spiritual path that integrates teachings and practices from around the globe. Ultimately, I am a disciple of the universal religion of love... I revere authenticity. I question authority. I love loud music. I worship flowers. I believe we are all equal in our humility and our nobility, intimately interconnected as one web of life; all of us initiated by these times of tragedies and miracles; all of us but students of the one living mystery... I hear the Sun calling. I smile and cry as the Earth. I feel as the Moon. I am the beauty of infinity shining as the Stars. The ancestors live in my palms, and the future generations in my mind's eye. I know this is a living dream, and that the Heart is the only true authority, place of refuge, and source to find the eternal answer to all questions.


Robert Sky ~ Red Overtone Skywalker

Robert is the graphic artist and co-author of the Galactic calendar. He started making the calendar with Eden in 1999, and has been part of the Skytime mission ever since. Robert has attended numerous international Planet Art Network conferences and events, including The World Summit on Peace and Time, held at the University of Peace in Costa Rica, where he helped to draft formal documents that were submitted to the United Nations on the subject of calendar reform. He has a degree in business and art, spent several years as an artist-in-residence teaching cartooning to kids throughout Oregon Public Schools, and continues his unwavering passion for art of every kind as the central means for the upliftment of culture.

There are many things that make our calendar special. But for me, the real strength of our work comes from the collaborative dynamic between Eden and myself, and the synergy that emerges. Year after year, we challenge and support one another throughout the creative process so that something pure and universal can come through us. The result is very much an expression of our personal flair and artistic sensibilities, yet remains true to the art, science, and spirituality of the galactic time system itself. We hope our dedication inspires as many people as possible to receive the magic of the 13:20 frequency into their lives.

Aside from our work with the calendar, I am in perfect joy whenever I am being creative. Over the years I've enjoyed drawing and painting, cartooning and animation, comedic performance and dancing - I've written a children's book - I do stand-up comedy - I can't stop making electronic music on my laptop - I live to have creative interactions with friends and strangers...I guess you could say, I'm at home in my imagination!

Here is a new song of mine...

Merlin Sky ~ Blue Self-Existing Eagle

Merlin is an essential member of the SkyTime team. He helps with much of the computer work in building the calendar each year, is a no-nonsense advisor in many of our artistic decisions, and is absolutely inexpendable in our humble, yet dedicated shipping department!

Merlin has been raised in the paradigm of natural time, taught the 13:20 galactic codes as soon as he could talk, and home-schooled extensively in the many layers of cosmic earth-wizardry. He has been immersed in the global Time is Art culture his whole life, and has also participated in many calendar related events including "Becoming Your Galactic Archetype - A 3-Day Meditation Retreat" and a "Synchronotron" Intensive, learning the most advanced teachings of Dr. Jose Arguelles.

He also loves dancing, flow arts, playing guitar, producing electronic music and DJ'ing.

"We send you all love and support for all the great work you are doing on behalf of the 13:20 vision of universal love and peace on Planet Earth... May the Highest Dream come true for ALL!" - José Argüelles & Stephanie South


By Eden Sky

It all started when I was 18 years old, and a friend showed me a mysterious image full of hand-drawn symbols and patterns of colors. I had no idea what it was, but I immediately felt an other-worldly presence that intrigued me to my core. My friend gave me a copy of this "calendar," along with an article by Dr. José Argüelles called "Change from Mechanical to Natural Time." Upon reading his download, I felt I had been given new keys to understanding the world around me, and my whole perspective on life began to radically change. Dr. Argüelles explained the profound role that calendars and our concepts of time have in affecting our human minds and shaping our shared culture. He explained how illogical and meaningless our 12-month calendar system is, and how it is the central unquestioned dogma of our global society. The more I read, the more I understood that indeed the clock and calendar are totally man-made, and because they are our only reference point for "time," we end up feeling lost in a material world, always rushing and running out of time, alienated from the universe, and totally disconnected from the sacred essence of time. He shared how the true purpose of a calendar is to synchronize us with the harmony of nature. I decided I wanted to awaken out of mechanical time and learn how to flow with natural time.

Once I started following the Galactic Calendar daily, back in 1995, I began having truly life-changing experiences of ongoing synchronicity, magic and expansion. I felt I had been given a daily map to follow that put me in phase with the universal order and elevated my life into a whole new octave of inspiration. By learning the basic codes and patterns, I could decode all the interconnections in my life, and see through a much grander perspective. Beyond the mundane monday-friday, january-december mechanical time rhythm, I now felt I was plugged into a higher dimension of harmony that informed me how to navigate the creative potential of my days - my mind and heart in sync with the galactic heartbeat! Now, more than 20 years later, the adventure continues!


By Robert Sky

The Galactic Calendar found me in 1998. At the time, I was working as an artist-in-residence, teaching art to kids in schools through workshops I had designed. So naturally, I was intrigued when I was given a "Time is Art" calendar by a friend. I began to work with it and was immediately activated by the intelligence speaking to me through its daily codes. As fate would have it, I soon met Eden, and not long after, dedicated my entire life to sharing the profound magic of the Galactic Calendar.

What inspires me most about the Galactic Calendar is how it elevates our perception of Time to be the medium of creative experience. Beyond the sterile and mechanical view of "time" that has infected our collective consciouness, we are invited to experience Time as the wonderous, multi-dimensional phenomena that it is. We begin to creatively interact with Time itself! Ancient masters and modern quantum physicists agree - the way we perceive and interpret our life helps to shape how our life actually manifests. Therefore, shifting our perception of time is a profound means of personal and planetary transformation!

As the graphic artist for SkyTime, it has always been my mission to provide visual transmissions which convey the high frequency of this calendar system. Over the years, thousands of people around the world have been affected by our work, and our intention is to help the Galactic Calendar reach the lives of many more. Our work is in service to the Universal Sacred Nature. After all, it is the Higher Cosmic Order that is truly at the helm of this mission...



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~Calendar Testimonials~

"I feel in rhythm with the heartbeat of life! Thank you so much for making the amazingly powerful, super artistically inspiring calendar available."
– Austin, TX

"This is without a doubt the most beautiful and high-energy calendar on the planet."
– Canton, MI

"Thank you for your absolutely amazing calendar! I've been using them for 2 years now, and they really changed my life!"
– Josh, Blue Resonant Storm

"This calendar is breathtaking, the images are absolutely stunning... Thank you beautiful souls for contributing with such passion, art, and commitment to our evolutionary process."
– Elohisa, Australia

"This year's calendar is supercalifragilisticexpealidocious! Wonderful! I am really enjoying it!"
– Love from Japan

"Thank you for your continued work! We rely on our calendars daily!"
– S & L, USA

"This calendar is phenomenal... so streamlined. Wow wow wow wow! You never cease to amaze me to my core."
– New York, NY

"For those interested in furthering their spiritual growth, I highly recommend SkyTime's calendar as a way to free your mind into the higher frequencies that are available on the planet right now."
– Lake Oswego, OR

"Your calendar is so helpful and laid out so well! We learn something new each time we open it."
– Golden Radiance, NM

"A lucid, artful presentation of fascinating information... the foundational tool for living and learning the science of time... wonderful explanations, and a beautiful design for daily awareness."
– Oakland, CA

"There is so much positive energy in the calendar you produce - it comes to life just when you need it!"
– Wellington, New Zealand

"The soul of the universe speaks to me each time I interact with my calendar."
– Portland, OR

"It is a priceless tool for self reflection and evolution. I am very thankful for it!"
– Hilary

"This calendar is awesome!!! Thank you so much for your fabulous contribution to our planet's well-being!"
– Lucia

"Loving the Calendar each and everyday. WHAT A TOOL! What a gift!"
– Blue Solar Eagle, California

"Thank you for this wonderful addition to my life!"
– Lake Mills, WI

"Your calendars are always so beautiful. The artwork is galactivated and the wisdom is shared with compassionate understanding."
– Tuscon, AZ

"I've been using your calendars for the past 10 years. This has been a tremendous resource, and I am so grateful you have provided this."
– Billy, NM

"I have been working with The Galactic Calendar since 1992. It's a remarkable tool, beyond measure."
– Martha, White Self-Existing Dog

"SkyTime has an enchanting way of downloading galactic wisdom with simplicity, clarity and artistry."
– San Francisco, CA

"Thanks sooo much. Your calendar has indeed, been a blessing to me."
– Oxnard, CA

"Thank you for sharing the magic, mystery and magnificient art of the Galactic Calendars!"
– Wendy, N.C.

"Thank you for sharing your magical gifts with so many and spreading the restorative forces of 13:20!"
– Arizona, USA

"SkyTime's Calendar is professional, well thought out, and inspiring!"
– Electric Skywalker

"Each year SkyTime produces a calendar that helps expand one's consciousness so that one can assist humanity into the imminent new world."
– Bay Area, CA

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"The goal of life is to make your heartbeat match the beat of the universe, to match your nature with Nature."

Joseph Campbell

"Each of us is an artist of the emerging new world, offering the personal beauty of our lives to the One Great Canvas of Life."


"You are not IN the Universe. You ARE the Universe, which IN YOU is awakening, experiencing itself, becoming conscious."

Eckhart Tolle

"For a mind to flower, it has to go beyond what it knows..."

Mother Meera

"We must continuously keep in mind that the world is a collective dream, and that we are engaged in dreaming a new world into being."

Jose Arguelles

"Our mind is part of the Universal Mind. Each mind is connected with every other mind; and each mind, wherever it is located is connected with the whole world and cosmos."

Stephanie South

"The Love in your Heart is the power of all Nature."

Jonathan Goldman

"You are the mysterious potential of the future, already in bloom..."

Eden Sky

"We are the ancestors of the future."

Julia Butterfly Hill

"Each splashing wave of time brings another moment, another doorway, another opening, inviting the awakening children of the Earth..."

Ken Carey

"The more boundless your vision, the more real you are."

Deepak Chopra

"This is the time to remember how to live in ecstatic relationship with natural forces."

Llyn Roberts

"We are multi-dimensional beings, remembering our place amongst the stars..."

Louis Pascal

"Let your soul work in harmony with the universal intelligence, as your breath does with the air."

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