Make Every Day Magic!


Dreamspell Day Planners

~ Available in limited quantity from Japan ~

    Beautifully produced by Koyomiya of Japan, these professionally designed Day Planners provide easy access to the galactic codes of the Dreamspell Time System!


    ~ The perfect compliment to The Galactic Wall Calendar ~

    Blue Rhythmic Storm Year:
    July 26, 2024 - July 25, 2025



    This user-friendly tool makes it possible to view and map your Time in terms of 7 day weeks + 28 day moons, all encoded with the sacred Galactic Signature of every day!

    * Full Color
    * Pocket-book Sized (4" x 7")  
    * Includes 36 pages of Charts 
    * Provides room for appointments, journaling
    and note space...
    * Codes in Japanese & English

    ~ Please note we do not accept returns ~