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Luminous Cocoon CD

A Journey to the Crystal Singers’ Temple

    "Imagine, in this moment, that you find yourself instantly transported to a sumptuously serene and dazzling beautiful crystal chamber of an etheric temple. Imagine that your purpose for being there is to awaken the higher evolutionary coding of your essence, to remember who you truly are and your purpose in that divine presence. Imagine aligning and attuning your physical, emotional, mental and etheric bodies to the most expanded blue print of your spiritual evolution, simply through bringing yourself into resonance with the higher octaves of this expanded presence. Visualize supraluminal sound and light currents that raise the vibration of your present expression. Imagine if that were possible. It is not only possible, it exists on Ariel’s CD!"


    This one of a kind CD offers Crystal Singing by Ariel Spilsbury

    This CD starts with a Guided Meditation, then includes 4 tracks:

    One for Earth - to Clear the Physical Body,
    One for Water - to Clear the Emotional Body,
    One for Fire - to Clear the Mental Body,
    One for the Air - to Clear the Etheric Body.

    This CD is deeply relaxing, both subtle and powerful,
    and is a great way to clear energies and attune to higher frequencies.

    It is a great tool for healing sessions or massage.


    Luminous Cocoon CD: $15.95

    Ariel Spilsbury shares: "Crystal singing is a “star” technology which is a means of accessing a broader spectrum of frequencies and octaves of awareness, and thus the inherent healing and wholing.

      "This is the intention and gifting of crystal singing. Crystal singers simply open as vessels for these supraluminal frequencies of light and sound and effortlessly transform energy blockages and contractions of the small ego self; offering remembrance, catalyzing, opening and transforming as a gift of Grace. Metaphorically, crystal singing rearranges the notes of the melody being sung by the third dimensional body to be coherent with a higher dimensional coding and frequency of expression. As you open to this sound, you are opening to receive this evolutionary gift!"

    Ariel Spilsbury is an internationally celebrated teacher, visionary, and planetary priestess, as well as author of "The 13-Moon Oracle" & "The Mayan Oracle."