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13 Moon Oracle Cards

~ Finding Guidance From Within ~

    "A Journey Through the Archetypal Faces of the Divine Feminine is an inner roadmap, an entryway into the Mystery offering a holographic form and alchemical map for your consciousness to effortlessly enter into a higher order of reality with ecstasy and joy."
    - Ariel Spilsbury, Author of the 13 Moon Oracle Cards

    This Sacred Tool Guides us to Connect with the 13 Faces of the Divine Feminine:
    The Great Mother, The Goddess of Compassion, The Priestess, The Creator/Destroyer, The Lady of Communion, The Muse, The Goddess of Love, The Primal Goddess, The Initiator, The Wise Woman, The Weaver/Dreamer, The Queen of Death, & The Alchemical Goddess

    The Oracle Deck Contains a Guidebook and 39 Cards: 
    13 Archetypal cards, 13 Sacred Tool cards, 13 Frequency cards.

    As Ariel shares:
    "The 13 Moon Oracle Cards are more than just another deck. They are a portal into expanded states of consciousness through archetypal resonance. Evoking energies from the Divine Feminine Mysteries, this “oracle” invites you to find your guidance within, rather than relying solely on external prescriptions. The 39 beautiful cards are lenses through which you can access your own Soul Essence and understand your individual part in the greater whole of the Cosmos."

    13 Moon Oracle Cards: $36

    Ariel Spilsbury is an internationally celebrated teacher, visionary, and planetary priestess ~ as well as author of "The Mayan Oracle." This 13 Moon Oracle was created as a 10-year long labor of love.

    It is a great honor to offer this tool to our community. Ariel is a beloved friend of our family, as well as a true spiritual inspiration. We have specifically chosen to share this deck, as we have experienced the power of this Oracle's revelatory insights, healing wisdom, and loving intelligent presence. This oracle deck has become a sacred, trusted companion, and we invite all of you who feel called to explore it as a tool for your own souls' growth and discovery!